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Using Social Media to win the war against plastic

The Act Now App is not a solution for recycling or cleaning, but it helps us understand the scale of the problem by measuring the extent of the current plastic epidemic. This is the social media tool that can be used to influence countries and nations, to force them to change regulations and create new legislation for the future of plastic management. Act Now is a simple App that helps us fight the war against the brands and governments that ignore our dire predicament.

Plastic is all around us as a everyday short live product that leads to waste, even more so in countries that don’t have a built in infrastructure of cleaning and recycling. While we are knee deep and drowning in plastic waste, this makes us even more aware, when it is directly affecting us on a personal level, even to the point where communities are finding their own solutions.

The point is, that we now all care enough to get involved, as long as we can offer the right tools to do the job properly, then we are already willing and able to take part.

Use to social media and communities to fight plastic waste

We will all get some pleasure in naming and identifying the brands that have no regard for the future and being part of a community with a single goal making us feel as if we are doing something positive. Even if we do not have the time to help in other ways, we are still doing what we can in contributing to a service, that will help us understand where the worst damage is, and who is to blame.

Being able to combine the worst and best of our modern age, means that we can apply the power of Social Media to help solve plastic pollution worldwide. Over 80% or more of us care about the environment and this keeps growing. As the more that we kill and destroy the things around us, more of us are directly affected by what we see. The issue is no longer restricted to others that traditionally cared more about the environment in the past. It is now mainstream in leading countries, as well as within emerging nations, where it has affected us more personally.

What we can do together using Act Now to fight plastic pollution

We are building on a sense of community, with the same goal in mind, knowing that we are doing the right thing and proud of what we are achieving. We can create smaller social cells that can work together in competition with each other or we can compare our achievements against other groups, locally, nationally and worldwide

Using Act Now Social Media application, ActNowEco

• Your profile
A history of all your achievements, groups and finds
• The Timeline
Showing all the latest shamed brands and where they are
• Your Groups
What you have achieved together, where you rank overall
• Your friends
it’s our responsibility to get as many others involved as we can
• Our Achievements
Showing the worst affected areas and most offensive brands
• You Comments
Show your support for others by adding comments and praise
• Your Ideas
Pass on and vote for the best ideas for the future
• Your posts
Name and Shame and Share with as many social networks as you can
• Near you
Find out the worst affected areas near you
• Alerts
Find out what others have achieved

Through a system of goals, achievements and results, that will give us the motivation, competition and excitement to keep us and friends active and willing to keep helping.

The facts, the proof and the penalties relating to plastic waste

When we have built up the facts, we can create a picture of the worst affected areas by country, that will give us the first ever view of the world’s plastic waste. Density patterns will highlight the most affected locations giving us a map of the plastic pollution, so that we can identify the counties that are of primary concern.

This data is then broken down into patterns that will help us identify who is at fault, what brands and manufacturers are responsible, this information can then be used by peer organisations and governments that have the facts for the first time, so that they can impose a system of fines that can be used to compensate and rectify for the damaged areas of plastic pollution that they have created.

A complete breakdown of the data will further help us understand in depth

  1. Affected areas and countries
  2. Countries with little or no control
  3. The worst types of products
  4. Who is manufacturing the products?
  5. Who is consuming the products?
  6. Where they are manufactured?
  7. Who is selling the products?
  8. Who of us care and where?

Act Now not only needs your support in becoming part of our community, but also to help us find other organisations that are willing to help.

The App will be available very soon, so in the meantime show your support and we can also let you know when the App will be ready soon.

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