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Recycling plastic is no longer enough

Plastic is killing up to one million people a year” Sir David Attenborough, with long term effects more destructive than nuclear fallout. Recycling of plastic waste does not fix the root cause.

Does this grab your attention? Do you think recycling of plastic waste is enough ?

Worse, as the truth suddenly seemed to take a new meaning…, like a shocking revelation! Which no one seems to have addressed or questioned before. We are only able to fix the result by recycling and we can do absolutely nothing about the cause.

Don’t you find that scary?

We believe that with your help “Act Now” can find the answers.

It’s the truth that no one yet knows, and questions that we have yet to answer. What are the worst affected areas, and who is responsible? Everything that we know about plastic waste is based entirely on conjecture, without facts to back it up.

Here are some questions for you to answer

  1. Where are the worst affected areas of plastic pollution?
  2. Which are the worst companies to blame?
  3. What countries are the worst at managing plastic waste?
  4. What is the future for our wildlife?

No one knows the answers to these questions, and that is our biggest problem. Until then we are helpless to begin solving the plastic epidemic.

The main problem is how do we try to answer these questions, when there is no global interaction or communication over the problem of plastic waste. This is a global problem that cannot be resolved by one country, but can be solved as individuals together.

We must embrace this problem together and make it our own before it’s too late. We have a very short window of opportunity, because after the plastic has been made, it will take a hundred years or more for it to disappear, it will already be too late in ten years’ time.

Even so, getting the answers to these questions is still a process that we have to tackle head on and very quickly! Plastic is like Nuclear waste, what we create today is not going away, and every day we are creating another 100,000 tons of plastic waste, that will remain with us for many generations in the future. Recycling of plastic waste is NOT enough !

Act Now has a solution that will provide the information that we all so desperately need, and then… and only then, can we begin to try and solve the problem, by identifying the worst areas, the companies that create the problem and impose heavy penalties by legislation as a step towards solving this worldwide crisis.

Current estimations of global plastic waste are an approximation, based on how much plastic we think is being manufactured, in every country by all businesses. Isn’t that crazy!

The reality is that there is no way of knowing or monitoring who is making the plastic, or where it ends up. Even if all the countries in the world suddenly decided to work together, (which is unlikely) and come up with these answers, we still wouldn’t be able to answer the questions with reliable data .

There is only one solution, which is that we must work together to identify where the problems come from, so that we can apply the right pressure by country to find the right solution. If we think of this as a murder trial, then we need the witnesses and the facts before we can point a finger.

Plastic pollution is everywhere, there isn’t a person on the planet that isn’t aware of it. Actually, we all do care very much, and we would all like to help, but there is currently very little we can do as individuals.

By working as a team, we can begin now by working together to create the facts and act as witnesses by collecting information. You can make a real difference by simply taking a photo of what you see during your day to day life and contribute towards identifying those companies that really don’t care and are systematically killing our environment, our wildlife, and killing the our future and the environment.

It’s Just a photo of plastic waste and plastic pollution !

One photo taken by you will help us all understand.

  • Where the plastic ended up
  • Who manufactured the plastic?
  • What industry it was being used for
  • What it was used for
  • Which country did it come from originally?
  • The worst affected countries
  • The global scale of the problem
  • How much time we have left
  • Solutions for plastic waste management

All of this just from one photo of trash, isn’t that amazing?

We all need to be involved in this and we must all take a positive attitude on what we can do together if we try, You can help even more by telling as many people as you can, so we can get as many as possible working on this as soon as we can.

Are you an environmental organisation,or are you are involved in one? Then we need help and support. Act Now needs you to be able to support us with your name, this will mean a great deal to us and our members to know that you care as much as we do.

If you are one of these organisations, working together we can also give you a rebranded version of our App, to give to your supporters, so we can join together in answering these essential questions and accumulating data

Act Now Limited is an environmental organisation focused on using technology and the power of social media to build worldwide support to answer the essential questions that currently leaves us guessing.

Join us today and download the free App and start to identify the plastic that is damaging your future.

If you are a business that cares too, we need your support, please contact

Robert Fathers, Chairman

Act Now Limited, UK

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